This page will cover all of the features that are currently in The Guilds Project. We have a ton of them, so we will go through them one-by-one and try to explain how everything works.

Fully Customizable Roles

A big part of how this plugin works is the roles that are in each guild. You are essentially given unlimited flexibility and specialization over your server. You can customize the name of every role, their permission nodes, and what all privileges they have. You choose what you want to do to give your users the best experience they can have on your server!

Tier System

The custom tier system allows users to level up their Guild in order to have them unlock new perks such as the ability to store more money in their bank, have more item vaults, more members, etc.

Claiming System

The claiming system in Guilds utilizes WorldGuard. It's 100% optional. You can have users claim their own land, choose which roles in the Guild can perform different actions such as opening chests, placing blocks, and breaking block! There's so much to do with this, all you have to do is customize it to your heart's desire.

Banking System

The banking system in Guilds allows each Guild in the community to save money to spend things on such as leveling up, buying buffs, and many more options.

Vault System

The vault system in Guilds allows each guild to have a private place to store items. You can unlock more as you level up your Guild!

Buff System

The buff system in Guilds is pretty awesome. You can allow specific roles in your Guild to buy buffs for everyone online to help you do things such as mine faster, run faster, jump higher, etc.

Chat System

The chat system in Guilds is great. It allows you to chat with other members of your Guild without anyone else knowing about it!

Tablist System

The tablist system in Guilds is pretty straight-forward. You can design how you want it to look and then use it as you wish!

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